Below are some quotes from my family and friends. 
Responses were anonymous. They were asked to be open, honest and impartial to the best of their ability.

As a child care provider…


“Michele knows how important raising a family is, the responsibility to provide the right combination of love and guidance to raise children to be healthy, happy, responsible adults.  Michele wants to stay home and raise her own children, she also wants to provide other parents the peace of mind any parent needs when choosing to leave their children with a day care provider; a safe, loving environment. That is what Michele will provide for these families.”


“Michele is a natural when it comes to taking care of children.  She is trustworthy and any parent could feel comfortable leaving Michele in charge of watching their child(ren).”


On behavior and discipline…


“The parents do a good job of modeling appropriate behavior as well as reward the child for good behavior (praise, gift, special treat) or disipline a child for bad behavior (time-out, lecture for what they did wrong, no longer get to do fun activity).”


“There has never been any type of physical discipline.  Usually the child no longer gets to do their fun activity, they get a time-out, and/or they get talked to about what they did wrong.”


On the home environment…


“Michele and Robin are a team and they work together to keep their home running smoothly and provide a safe, supportive and loving environment. Meals are healthy and consistent, their home is clean and the family’s appearance shows they are well cared for.”


“Michele is very efficient and organized.  She is conscientious of the foods her children eat as well as the games they play and the TV shows/movies that they are exposed to.  She does a good job on keeping her house and her appearance up to expectations.”


“She feeds the kids what is healthier for them, not just want sounds good. She always has the best in mind.”


“Her home is very inviting and warm. It is reasonably kept and is safe for kids.”


On the family…


“This family makes a point to set aside time for the whole family to be able to spend time together.  Time is set aside to do homework with the parents both available to help if needed.”


“The family is very supportive of each other.  The children are the center of their parents’ lives.”


“The family tends to be very structured and organized.”


“This is a close family. They try to do a lot of activities together and they really give the one on one attention that kids need.”


On play and learning activities…


“Michele provides a variety of fun activities and learning opportunities, such as, coloring window art, playing with blocks building things, encouraging reading and numbers, etc.”


“Her organizational and structured schedule is a true plus. Children need that stability and they need to know what they can expect everyday.”


On recommendations for child care…


“This home is very kid-friendly and well organized.  I would trust to leave my own children at this house as well as feel confident to recommend the same to my friends.”


“I would definitely recommend Michele because she is a very caring and nurturing person, is structured and knows how to keep children entertained and safe at the same time.”


“I would love to send my children here, she would be a great addition to help support my children when I am not able to be there.”


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